Leveraging Africa’s retail and DISTRIBUTION

Leveraging Africa’s data assets to amplify the value creation potential and positive impact of our core pillars, and those of others, we apply the power of digital connections and data insights to humanise and scale our solutions, to integrate and innovate our industrial models, and enable inclusive and empowering value exchange.

As Africa continues to develop digital capabilities in step with international advances, we are positioning ourselves to be an active leader at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. We are a trusted, value-adding business partner using data driven analytics to support and enable performance and growth.

We apply the power of digital connections and data insights to humanise and scale our solutions, to integrate and innovate our industrial models, and enable inclusive and empowering value exchange.

How digital serves TRT Industries’ AMBITION

Data has become the primary resource with the potential to provide insight, statistics and information on every facet of how we do business. Digitalisation and the integration of existing processes, such asproduction and supply chains, is essential to participate and keep pace with the ever-evolving digital economy.

We are focused on maintaining world-class standards and operational efficiency in our value pools. Our data insights inform how we improve and enhance our processes.

Our data on the youngest demographics in Africa is revealing greater adoption and migration to digital channels, where technology is being used to enhance their lives. For example, in East Africa there are systems in place where digital users can have their prescribed medications delivered to the nearest clinic, saving them time and money.

Digital is also transforming the way people do business across the continent, and the data and insights collected from end-users informs decisions that corporates and companies make when investing in the continent.

These insights into digital trends and consumer habits and needs are key to informing how we drive our African ambition forward. They offer opportunities to create products and services that can be offered and sold on digital platforms that are specific to user demographics.

Our service OFFERING

Using AI-powered data utilisation applications, we organise and provide access to data, enabling better management of B2B transactions with real-time data and analytics.

We analyse and authenticate insights that our clients can utilise to improve multiple aspects across the B2B value chain. Real-time data insights are more effective in managing stock control and supply chains, enabling suppliers to meet demands of consumers faster and more efficiently than manual, end-of-month stock-taking, reducing the margin for human error and waste.

As we grow our database, our vision is to enable African enterprises to use data effectively and build a framework that allows these enterprises to integrate and securely share data in a meaningful way. This will create impact and grow or unlock value within the value chains. 

Our digital capabilities provide ASSURANCE

We have solid technology infrastructure, and are regularly audited by our current, long-standing clients who entrust us with their data.

Our digital capabilities and the application of collected data is a key proposition in providing assurance to our international partners that we are the right partners in Africa. On the continent, we identify and form mutually beneficial partnerships with best-of-breed, influential small-scale businesses, providing them with the capability for necessary scaling. We also utilise innovation hubs to find solutions to the challenges we encounter.

We use our digital insights to lay out and assess all current and potential risks before proceeding with investments. We further seek to use market intelligence data to identify new opportunities. We are the feet on the ground for our partners, enhancing our relationships with them as well as creating growth and industry opportunities for the communities in which our partners wish to operate. 

Driving our Technology Business SOLUTIONS

As TRT Industries forges a growth path in Africa, we acknowledge the attendant risks. Some risks are universal, and others are more prevalent in Africa than more developed countries. We use our data and information to assess and determine:

What capabilities and structures we have in place, and which are best suited to the current infrastructure of the continent.

What infrastructure and capabilities will best serve TRT, our partners, and the communities in which we are operate.

What infrastructures we need to adopt, adapt or pioneer to support our ambitions.

To what extent we need to play outside our value pools to enable our vision.

How we will navigate the laws and requirements of each country we extend to, while staying true to our strategy, model and purpose.

How incoming technologies, such as 5G, and data cost will affect our digital solutions and products, and how to mitigate obstacles and shortfalls as a result thereof.