Transcending PROPERTY

Human-centred design and innovative methodologies for connected spaces that confer dignity to urban African living.

We espouse the values of modernity and humanity, particularly socioeconomic and environmental consciousness, in the communities we build and the quality of life we enable.

TRT Property designs and develops physical spaces that provide quality living for all Africans. We have a vision of creating quality homes in communal developments for people in locations where they are needed, without displacing them from their families, communities and places of work. We utilise data analytics to build appropriate, informed, and contemporary housing solutions that are fit-for-future and fit-for-purpose the first time around, providing dignified spaces that people can call home.

Within our property development sphere, we want to provide communities with amenities beyond living spaces that only cater for their physical needs. We strive to incorporate holistic wellbeing, safety and family needs into our building methodology with the understanding that enriched living goes beyond four walls and a roof. We invest in property with high potential and onboard partners who are environmentally conscious and share our core values. We look for partners with interests in developing educational and retail facilities, with the long-term goal of creating community townships that can adapt to developments in green infrastructure and facilities by incorporating future renewable energy and greywater capabilities.


A core principle of TRT Property is providing Africans with safe, fit-for-future living spaces that are comfortable and affordable. TRT Property has been revolutionising the approach to housing in Africa through our specialisation in property development and investment that is customer-centric and data-driven, focusing on creating exceptional city residential developments. 

Staying abreast of market conditions and remaining in tune with changes in the property industry has helped us develop innovation, teamwork and accountability with a focus on customer and community needs. At TRT Property, trust is earned through competency, responsibility, honesty and integrity.

We develop and create long-lasting property solutions that serve the community while maintaining and preserving the environments in which they are based. By developing green living lifestyle spaces that are environmentally friendly, TRT Property creates safe environments guaranteed to enhance life through exceptional design and customer service, with the ambition to become the most trusted provider of quality living in Africa.

Our city housing developments offer a diverse range of sectional title and freehold cluster homes and our passion lies in building exceptional, trustworthy products of value and quality with honourable people. TRT Property’s bottom line is affordable, but not cheap, and our homes are built with safety in mind. Our clients never have to compromise on the fundamental aspects of owning a property and we offer customers a redefined lifestyle in the city.


Environment is a determining factor in all our property-related functions, for the physical, ecological layout and impact, as well as sociological influences such as law, regulations, political landscape and viability.

We believe in being sustainable not only in terms of longevity, but also in maintaining environmental balance with our surroundings. As much as possible, we aim to protect natural resources and avoid exploitation while serving and providing benefits for the communities we are building. 

We recognise the need for Africa to develop a specific and tailored African Environmental Policy that serves environmental needs in Africa that is also considerate of her developmental level. With a focus on the environmental index, TRT is developing a fit-for-purpose, environmentally conscious investment strategy which adapts and incorporates global environmental protection advancements for use in Africa to a level that can be implemented and maintained in the long term. 

We find partners that already operate in a country to perform the physical development within the communities we aim to service. These partners use local facilities, resources and labour, provide contractual jobs over a specified period that will result in permanent jobs, such as infrastructure maintenance.