Our strategic ENABLERS


We empower Africa’s workforce and enable its creative potential, creating workplaces where ingenuity, integrity and innovation flourish, where diverse talent is recognised and developed, where performance is equally regarded, and reward is equitably shared.


We create new models of capital formation to leverage Africa’s entitlements, to pool, invest and grow Africa’s wealth in new ways that accelerate industrialisation and beneficiation.


We build meaningful partnerships with clients, customers, employees and investors who see a viable future in Africa; not as a land of opportunity for value extraction, but as open space for new and better ways to create and share value.

Our investment APPROACH

The TRT Industries investment philosophy governs resource allocation in the TRT portfolio of businesses.

Finance and Transaction

The Finance & Transaction pillar defines financial and risk appetite principles and standards for all entities in the TRT value chain, related to portfolio optimisation, regional, sector and capital structure exposure and target ratios.


The Country pillar lists key principles advocating investment growth within stable geographies, to safeguard TRT and limit risk, as we expand our portfolio across the African continent.


The Social pillar highlights key principles to be adopted internally, within the TRT portfolio and externally, to realise our ambition of enhancing lives. We will be an agent for meaningful change, disciplined in accounting for the social impact of our business decisions.


The Technology pillar outlines the principles that safeguard and enable the TRT portfolio through efficiency and innovation. TRT will invest in and apply the latest advances in global technology appropriate to Africa’s development needs.


The Relationship pillar emphasises our commitment to living ‘The TRT Way’, guided by a code of conduct as we pursue our business goals, and create partnerships where principles align and a common value system can be created.


The Environment pillar emphasises a socially and environmentally conscious lens when evaluating investment opportunities or capital investment priorities, to outlaw exploitation and ensure fair benefits to communities.