Locally relevant manufacturing models, research and development capabilities and product solutions, designed and made in Africa, by Africans.

We operate and innovate agile and efficient models of manufacturing for Africa, creating relevant product solutions centred on data-driven insight into the modern African consumer.

TRT Manufacturing spearheads TRT Industries’ expansion into Africa. It combines our insight into African consumer markets, the advantage of our relationship networks across the continent, and our understanding of how to design, build and operate manufacturing models. Our fit-for purpose manufacturing models are designed to be both locally suitable and universally reputable. These attributes enable us to serve the requirements of global principals with a long-term interest in Africa.

For our clients, we create sustainable competitive advantages in tandem with resolving the challenges of doing business on the continent. For Africa, we seek to beneficiate locally sourced materials and create employment by growing and advancing Africa’s manufacturing sector, and enhancing quality of life for consumers by opening access to quality products.

Fundamental to our approach in positioning and growing TRT Manufacturing is our indelible commitment to best practice application of international environmental, social and governance(ESG) principles, standards and reporting. We will always ensure that our strategic choices,manufacturing models, operations, culture and conduct demonstrate the highest standards of ethical business, responding not only to the letter but also to the spirit of the bodies of law, regulations and standards applicable to our markets and industries, and to our clients and partners.

Our competitive EDGE

In alliance with our strategic partners, we are committed to understanding the character and culture of African markets and the preferences of the customers we serve as they evolve. We know how to address on-the-ground challenges, industrial prerequisites and legislative frameworks.

We commit to operational excellence, gloal best practices and independent assurances of our integrity. Our sustainable manufacturing strategies will be subject to material efficiency, resource efficiency, eco-efficiency, and waste minimisation standards.

We embrace and lead the shift towards intelligent automation, keenly aware of frontier-tech advances in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and business process management. We will seek to continually improve our systems and innovate our approaches to manufacturing, in tandem with other businesses in the TRT Industries stable.

We develop and maintain proactive and positive relationships with our workforce and organised labour, creating manufacturing environments that are safe, inclusive and supportive of personal wellbeing and professional development.

We have the appetite and financial capacity to invest in expansion, to serve the unmet and growing needs of modern African consumers, providing inroads to new possibilities for industrialisation and beneficiation in selected markets.

Our strategic INTENT

1.  To provide capabilities that differentiate us from a typical contract manufacturer to contract development and manufacturing, offering an end-to-end, value-added service to brand principals.

2.  To match manufacturing models to the needs, wants and preferences of Africa’s emerging consumer class through digitised supply chains and data insights.

3.  To leverage our local knowledge, and the rapid deployment of real-time data, to tailor make products that consumers want in the format that they need.

4.  To penetrate underserved consumer markets across the continent, based on local understanding and partnerships, to ensure relevant product offerings and market entry strategies.

Our service OFFERING

We envisage a 360° service to launch a client’s ideas from concept to completion, underpinned by:

• Three contracting models to suit our clients’ strategic objectives.

• Sufficient scale of manufacturing facilities for optimised volume, with  flexible output capacity matched to different client requirements.

• State-of-the-art multi-category operations, with world-class research and  development and top-tier product design capabilities.

• In-house sourcing, verifying and testing of raw materials, with stability,  safety and preservative testing facilities.

• Manufacturing of private/house-brand label products and capacity to  develop new, more relevant products for African markets.

• Learning, development and training to ensure technical competency, and  relevant talent and skills, specifically technical and digital skills.

• Minimum requirement for locally produced products to drive  industrialisation.